Frequently Asked Questions

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Castellum and Krepost

These products provide a painless migration of your historical source-code from SourceSafe to Git or Subversion.

Most customers usually can do the migration on their own. When a customer finds a bug, we usually need sample data to reproduce the problem ourselves and fix it. This is usually done through a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Bug fixing is free of charge, but you are encouraged to try the trial version, so that you know what to expect from the migration.
In case you have any problem which we cannot solve, we’ll refund your money without problem .
The basic reason to use our migration tool (instead of simple commiting the latest source code) is to keep history, original dates and authors.
All free tools have some huge problems. Our software was created because we tried many different free migration tools and none of them worked correctly.
We don't think it's polite to show a comparison chart, but we encourage you to try our free trials and them compare the results.
We're sure that you'll decide on buying our product.
Absolutely. Each license can be installed on a single computer and works for 1 year.
From the computer where the product is installed you can migrate all your companies repositories.

However, since VSS is based on file-sharing (and not a real client-server app) it's strongly recommended that you run our product from the server where your repositories are hosted, or that you copy your repositories into the computer where our product is installed.
We understand that some customers cannot purchase software using Stripe or PayPal. In most cases those customers usually just buy on their personal credit card and then ask their companies for reimbursement.
If you want to pay using Wire Transfer (U.S. or international SWIFT/IBAN), just get in contact and ask for an invoice with our banking info.
You will receive a download link and a Product Activation Key in up to one business day.
We certainly can do that. Get in contact and ask for a quote (we are a small company, so you can expect very decent prices). You should provide remote access, and we'll do the rest. We can sign a NDA, but don't worry - your data will NOT be copied to outside of your servers.
We can also refer you to third-party DevOps contractors that have worked with our products before and can work locally with your company.