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Why is abstraction important in Computer Science and Software Engineering?

Software itself is certainly abstract, and the discipline of producing software requires abstraction skills. Once you realize that computing is all about constructing, manipulating, and reasoning about abstractions, it becomes clear that an important prerequisite for writing good software is the ability to handle abstractions in a precise manner.
Abstraction is one of the fundamental principles of software engineering in order to master complexity. The removal of unecessary detail is obvious in requirements engineering and software design. Requirements elicitation involves identifying the critical aspects of the environment and the required system implementation constraints.


Abstraction skills are essential in the construction of appropriate models, designs and implementations that are fit for the particular purpose at hand. Abstract thinking is essential for manipulating and reasoning about abstractions, be they formal models for analysis or programs in a programming language..


In fact, abstraction is fundamental to mathematics and engineering in general, playing a critical part in the production of models for analysis and in the production of sound engineering solutions.


Jeff Kramer - Abstraction - the key to Computing?


(Finnish): Process of generalisation to identify the common core or essence

Ethimology: From Swedish abstrakt; English: abstract


  1. Be able to perform problem solving, conceptualization, modeling, and analysis.
  2. Ability to handle complexity, produce elegant models and designs.